[title align=”center” type=”line”]HI, I’M SYDNEY[/title]

[one-half-first align=”justify”]Sydney Lorraine Davis is a multi-faceted professional using her education and corporate experience, in web & app development, project management and systems integration, to help non-technical entrepreneurs grow their business. Alongside consulting entrepreneurs, she has launch a thriving paint party business, Pop Up and Paint.  She has won numerous pitch competitions, sold franchises of her business and help numerous business owners break the six figure mark in their business.

Her creative spark ignites multiple entrepreneurship endeavors. In 2016, Sydney participated in Google’s Startup for Entrepreneurs weekend. Her passion for charity and technology bred an ingenious idea, that she named, Giver. Pitching a business model for a mobile phone app, for users to pay businesses for the retrieval of goods/services, Sydney placed 9th out of 140 and 1st in the final business model pitch competition. This success motivated Sydney to begin programming the application to integrate with secure payment gateways to protect app users, communicate with broad range point of sales systems for seamless transactions and building partnerships with businesses to rewards app users for their charity. The rapid progress of the app awarded Sydney, in funding and mentorship, for further development by winning Spring Arbor University “SpringBoard” pitch competition.

Sydney’s compassion lead her to found, non-profit, Girls That Can, a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) empowerment organization. Girls That Can works to bridge, the gender and diversity, gap in the science, technology and engineering sectors. With leadership and community support, Girls That Can empowers and educates high school girls to become innovative leaders in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The 501c3 prepares high school girls for college and career opportunities in the industry. Girls That Can utilizes hands on programs, STEM skill building activities and events that provide early college and career experience. As the Executive Director of Kalamazoo’s Black Arts & Cultural Center, she now shift all of her programming efforts through the organization.

Using her wit and expertise, Sydney continues to educate entrepreneurs of all ages on the impact of technology. Sydney is an exemplary coach, in the tech space, leading future generations to make waves stay in technology.


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