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Founder & Tech Leader

Sydney is the Founder of NixCode, a no code app development software company. She is dedicated to supporting non-technical entrepreneurs, helping them launch their first successful mobile app & software companies. Since launching in April 2020, her platform NixCode supports 56,000 users and received a $3.3M valuation at 2020 year end. Like many entrepreneurs she has bootstrapped her entrepreneurship from the beginning including winning numerous equity free pitch competitions totaling over $100,000. To date, Sydney has been recognized as one of 30 Influential Women Advancing AI and a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur Honoree.

With over a decade of entrepreneurship and tech experience, Sydney encourages diversity of thought among community leaders and equity among underrepresented founders. Achieving profitable business success without the financial burden, debt or hardship is the mission to grow more long term minority tech companies.


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Let's do the hard work and hit those milestones!

Starting a software or platform based company is NO JOKE! It's probably one of the hardest industries to launch and have success in. If you aren't a developer, navigating a tech based startup can be overwhelming and scary. The road to building, launching and growing a SaaS/PaaS company requires hard work. I'm doing it right along with you, so I can help you overcome roadblocks in your journey. You DO NOT have to do this alone or with the fear your idea can be compromised by seeking help. I can already see you in FORBES headlines & with endless referrals as the go to product within the next year if you start applying yourself today. So, let's do the hard work together, why not?