A Digital Health Audit

Social Media Value

Are you posting worthy content that attract partnerships with brands?

Website Bounce Rate

Data dive into why your website isn’t converting into sales or opportunities.

Organic Optimization

Are you grouped with your competitors? Are you standing out? I’ll tell you how.

If any of the following is true for you, an audit will provide clarity and corrective action!


I’m not getting clients who can afford my services
I’m not getting any clicks
I’m getting clicks but no sales
I had a client, made a pricing mistake, and lost the business
I got a new client and they are driving me crazy
I completed a project but the output was not what the client expected
I spend 5 hours with a potential client about their needs and still no signed contract
Everybody wants to set up a call with me, I do not have the time
I thought entrepreneurship was freedom, but I’m still tied to a computer and chair
I can’t tell you how my business is doing with actual numbers
I bought everything I needed, why am I not seeing results?
I don’t know how much I should charge to post content for brands
I don’t understand how to monetize my website, social media or my podcast
This is starting to feel like a hobby, its costing more than I am making

The Process

Provide Information

All I need is business name and a website! I will put on my consumer and business hat to figure out the rest.

Purchase Audit Report

Audits are a one time $200 per website and/or company completed within 24 hours of purchase.

Receive Report

A detailed report will be provided with a review of the experience, analytics and corrective action plans.