Build Your App

without writing code









Learn to Test Your Startup Idea and Build Your Wait List, Before You Even Start Building It!

There Are Five Steps to Turning Your Idea Into an App

Step 1 – Come up with your idea
Step 2 – Create an “AppHack”
Step 3 – Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Step 4 – Gather feedback and improve your product
Step 5 – Achieve Product Market Fit (your product is ready to sell)

You’ll learn:

– How to validate your idea BEFORE you spend $10,000 on developers!

– What app-building resources are worth your time and how to take maximum advantage of them so you can create your app quickly and easily!

– How to avoid all the hassles that come with trying to manage developers who frequently miss deadlines and cut corners on the work they are doing, leaving you with an inferior product!

– How to turn your app idea into reality in a fraction of the time it would take if you hired developers — plus you’ll skip all that frustrating back-and-forth between you and developers who often don’t quite understand your vision!

– How to maintain full control of your app so that you can update it whenever you want – when you hire someone to build an app it can take lots of time and cost lots of money to make a simple update!

– And much more!

How the Program Works

The Ultimate Toolkit for Planning Your Startup Idea

– Video tutorials —  (completely self-paced) these will be a full compilation of everything I’ve learned over the past two years validating apps without code- these videos will shave months off your learning curve and will allow you to build your app as fast as possible!

– The Private Non-Technical Entrepreneur Community — You’ll be able to interact with an receive support from like-minded individuals. You may even form joint partnerships to boost your profits even higher!

– The Plan your App Challenge– Plan out HOW you’l build your app & CREATE a killer marketing strategy

– The Business Model Challenge– Make sure your business model will actually WORK

Who This App Program Is For

How much work have you already done on your idea?

Have you tested it with real users?

If not, then this program is the perfect place to start!

This program is perfect for anyone looking to create any of the following:

– Any app or website idea
– Uber for X, Tinder for Y, Skype for Z, etc.
– Marketplace
– Recommendation engine
– Algorithm
– Game
– Artificial intelligence app
– Social network

I can help you plan and validate pretty much anything without code!

So what are you waiting for?