You’ve created a product. You love it and you think your community will, too. You even plan on launching it…as soon as you tweak it one more time. The problem is one tweak turns into two then three. Before you know it, weeks have passed and you haven’t launched.

Instead, you’ve wasted time going over and over the same project. Don’t keep falling into this trap. Instead, follow these tips to stop over thinking your project and actually get it launched:

Get Clear on the Scope

A project that’s too general can sometimes be the cause of over tweaking. For example, you wrote a course on puppy training. But there’s too much to cover so you keep coming back to your project and adding more content.

Instead of trying to beef up your product, you might want to think of simplifying it. You could take your pupping training course and center it around potty training a young pup. This makes your course specific and is likely to interest more buyers because your course is focused.

Let Go of Perfection

You’re not going to make your product perfect. There are always going to be areas where you’d like to go back and tweak it. While this understandable, over tweaking can kill your product. You can edit it so much that you edit the magic of your voice and teaching style out of it.

Instead of looking at your product and asking if it’s perfect, look at it and ask two simple questions. “Will this product help my customers? Did I do my best?”

If you can answer “yes” to both of those questions, then it’s time to stop listening to your inner perfectionist.

Create Your Sales Page

Nothing will give you clarity on your project like creating a sales page. Write or record your content and mention any bonuses you’d like to include. When you’re done, make a quick list of everything you’ve mentioned that buyers will receive. Now, go through this list and check each item off. If you’ve created all the items you’re selling, then it’s launch time!

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Launch Version 1.0

An easy way to force yourself to stop tweaking your product is to launch a bare bones version. You can refer to this as version 1.0 to yourself. In a few months, you can look over your product and re-launch it with additional bonuses or material as you need.

This kind of launch keeps you from obsessing too much over details that don’t matter. Another advantage of doing this is that you’ll get early customer feedback. Your customers might point out that your product doesn’t explain something or that it needs to be organized differently. Store all the feedback you receive so you can review it when it’s time to make version 2.0 of your product.

You have to keep in mind that project launches are always a bit nerve-wracking. Even solopreneurs and coaches that have created dozens of products still get nervous when it’s launch time. It’s a normal part of the launch process and one you shouldn’t let scare you away from taking that final step.

Don’t be a scaredy-cat, launch anyway! Download your free workbook to learn how to launch your product or service today.