You did it! You launched your new product and you couldn’t feel prouder. Maybe you went with a big splashy launch or maybe you opted for a tiny launch. Regardless of which route you went, you’re now sitting back to catch your breath and evaluate your numbers.

Take the Long View

You may have had amazing sales or maybe you only had a few. If the launch wasn’t everything you hoped or if something went wrong, don’t beat yourself up about it. Some launches are terrific and some are ho-hum. That’s the thing about marketing – you can never fully predict how people will respond to your product.

But no matter what your numbers look like, don’t let frustration & disappointment set in. The launch is only the beginning. You’re going to be promoting this product for months or even years to come. So don’t sweat it if you don’t see amazing stats right away.

Don’t Compare Sales

You were feeling pretty good about your launch. You made some nice profits. But then you saw someone else’s sales figures. They were double or triple yours. Suddenly, you start doubting yourself. You wonder if you should have done something differently or if your product is even all that great.

The problem with comparing your business journey with another business owner’s journey is that each journey is unique. Maybe you have kids with special needs so you have less time to devote to recruiting affiliates. Maybe the other business owner has a husband with a serious illness and she has to launch frequently because she’s the sole source of income in her home.

You have to accept that sales figures never tell the full story. They don’t account for the nights spent working late, the tears when software doesn’t work right, or the strain of not having support from friends who don’t understand what you do.

Get Back to Work

You’ve launched your product and that’s great. You deserve to take a day or two to celebrate. But as soon as your celebration has ended, it’s time to get right back to work. You owe it to yourself and to your community to keep producing new projects.

You can start your return by evaluating. Think of what you did right in your launch and what you wish you’d done differently. Maybe you wish you’d recruited more affiliates or hadn’t launched on a holiday weekend.  Whatever the lesson you’ve learned, write it down so you can implement during your next launch.

After you’ve finished your evaluation, look at what your customers are saying. Were they ho-hum about your product but crazy for your bonus? That’s a sign that you may need to change up your packaging in the future. Did your customers complain that you had too many upsells to get to their product download? It’s a sign you need to make it easier for your buyers to find your product.

Don’t abandon your product after the initial launch buzz has faded. You should keep loving on your product by continuing to promote it when you get the chance. Mention it on podcasts when you’re being interviewed. Include a link to in your email signature. Put up a Facebook banner that mentions where new customers can find it. Small steps like these can give you a steady stream of sales well after your launch is over.

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