In a perfect world, you’d have only the best tools to work with. But most solopreneurs and small business owners don’t have huge budgets to buy the latest software. That doesn’t mean that you can’t release a great product though. There are plenty of free and cheap tools you can use when creating your product.

Graphic Design Tools

Your graphics can still look professional and beautiful even if you opt for free tools. The two most popular tools for graphic design are PicMonkey and Canva. Both websites allow you to make graphics for free.

But they do have a few elements that you have to be a paying member to access. However, for most of your graphic needs, the free version will work just as well.

Video & Audio Tools

Jing is free video capturing software from TechSmith. You can use Jing to record short videos up to five minutes in length. If you need longer videos, then consider Screencast-O-Matic. The premium version of this website is cheap and allows you to record screenshot videos that are up to fifteen minutes long.

For audio, you can opt for software like Audacity. Audacity is a free open-source software you can use to record podcasts and other audio files. If you’d like to create your own theme music for your podcast or audio course, try LMMS. You can mix a variety of sounds to create music then record your creation in Audacity.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress is free software that many solopreneurs and small business owners use to power their websites. You can find free WordPress themes to change the look of your website in the WordPress Theme Directory. You can find more beautiful WordPress themes here on ColorLib.

If you have a website with WordPress, you can use plugins to turn into a shopping cart. This allows you to sell your product quickly and easily, right from your website. Two popular shopping cart plugins are WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Both have a mix of free and premium features but the free versions will be enough to get you started selling.

Remember if your budget can’t cover it, don’t be afraid to use something simple and free. You can implement better tools later – so get busy launching!

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