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Work with me for $99 to help move your business forward in 2020. Take your pick, pay the fee and then schedule time to chat with me. Offer ends Tuesday December 3rd.

Here’s how I can help

Option 1: Create & document an automated client onboarding process for your service based business

Option 2: Perform a website audit and develop an action plan to boost your online sales

Option 3: Create you a Facebook Ad Strategy Plan with procedure to create ads that will convert

Option 4: Create a one page website (must have hosting and domain already, no eCommerce)

Option 5: Create a 2 page sales plan to meet your 2020 revenue goals

Option 6: 1 Hour Consultation (Select 1)

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy to meet your 2020 income goal
  • How to launch your website development business
  • How to start your paint party business (or similar)
  • How to develop your mobile app
  • How to develop your website
  • Preparing your pitch deck content
  • Pick my brain about anything

How to Get Started 

  1. Pay The Service Fee of $99
  2. Create A Support Ticket to tell me about your  business/idea and provide me links to your website and social media
  3. Once the information is received you will get a link to schedule a call to begin the service or consultation.

Service fees are non-refundable. Non-transferable. Must provide required information by December 16th or service will be voided.

Service Options

Your Business Growth Hacker

Sydney Lorraine is a Technical Business Strategist, serial entrepreneur and developer who helps non-technical individuals start, build and grow their online or mobile businesses to run efficiently on a start up budget. Sydney is firm on starting your business lean, that means focusing on reducing waste and operating efficiently.

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