I’ve tried my hand at the tech game for years. Couldn’t really pinpoint what my business should entail and who I was destined to serve. I have went through many business names and models, none of them sticking or being successful. I didn’t stop however. I continued to freelance web and app development under my own “brand”, my name (No LLC or nothing). I just tried to make my presentation as professional as possible.

For about 2 years I did that and have had the chance to work with 146 businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs. However I knew I wanted to serve in a bigger capacity and to be honest for bigger dollars. I needed to get back to my long game and form my tech company. If you recall a few months ago I posted “I quit”, I was on overload with clients. I was exerting myself beyond capacity. Good problems to have just didn’t feel good physically.

From doing the work over the years I found two problems from my experience.

  1. A lot of people have great tech ideas but lack a few important things to get investment/capital, a beta product or a technical cofounder or a product development plan with input from technical experts.
  2. Accelerators, Incubators and startup programs lack inclusion. Most I’m sure due to lack of resources and capacity. My research and experience shows me they lack technical people to work with their startups and they aren’t removing barriers to tech for those who are disadvantaged in industry perspective (black people, single families, low income, mentally and physically challenged, women, black LGBTQ, 50+ year old new entrepreneurs).

To close these gaps was on my heart heavy and really made me think of (what seems to be the new buzz word) equity, in every sense of the word.

Tech, Equity…boom Tequity.

Now, from how the last 2 years went, I know I needed to leverage tech to streamline & support the work and serve those entrepreneurs and startup programs.

Ah, software development. Something that I can build once and resell it. That can serve those who need to launch their tech startup without coding skills and without a tech cofounder. Something that could be licensed to startup programs so they too can help their non-technical students launch tech products and move the needle towards creating revenue or investment.

I have taken the experience from all my clients and feedback from tons of programs/softwares who claim to offer something similar to what I’m building and I created a software to build mobile & web apps (currently 1st software rollout), prototypes for user validation and tech product manufacturing (the later, all in future software development plans).

What makes Tequity different in short;

  1. Our software offers the ability to build consumer to consumer service based apps. For example, Uber, Shipt or TaskRabbit type of apps without coding. We offer unique custom app capabilities for cannabis businesses, AR/VR social engagement apps and beauty brands on a case by case basis.
  2. Our knowledge base of instructional videos and docs are visual and hearing impaired friendly.
  3. We offer (April 2020) step by step courses with lifetime access to build specific apps using our software. You can learn how to build an app like Uber, Masterclass, Booking.com, Tinder, LinkedIn, DoorDash, Wayfair, Instagram & more.

Software goes through a ton of refinements and before we start running ads, launching promotion and selling the software, we want to get feedback on our software from 100% fresh eyes.

Consider taking this 2 day challenge to provide us feedback on your experience of building an app with our software.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting me and thanks for your feedback that’s allowed me to grow a business to disrupt the tech industry.