Weekly Updated App for Funding Opportunities

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Get access to grants, pitch competitions and capital opportunities for your business.

Believe it, there are tons of equity free and investment opportunities for business like yours. The For Founders app allows you to find and apply for grants or pitches that are local, state and nationwide. To better manage the overwhelm of information you can filter your search by your state or industry. If you’re interested in gaining investment, search our directory of investors with open office hours or streamlined processes for applying for investment.

What’s Inside:

  • Pitch Competition Applications
  • Grants
  • Investor Connections
  • Events for Founders geared towards Fundraising
  • Fundraising Resources for Businesses
  • Shared Strategies to Gain Investment

An Accountable Experience

Recieve reminders, best practices and accountability to build successful habits.

The For Founders app knows how busy you are as a founder and most of the time we are doing things alone. Don’t worry about missing an email or social post about a pitch competition or grant deadline, we will send you push notifications when a deadline is approaching. We are all about sharing information to help you thrive, in most communities and some exclusive tables most BIPOC founders aren’t privy to resources, connections and other successful founders. The app hopes to bridge the gap and circulate quality information.

Here’s How:

  • Deadline Notification Reminders
  • Pitch Deck Templates
  • Pitch Decks of Funded Startups
  • Expert Courses
  • Group Support
  • Podcast of Successful Fundraisers

Digital Planner

Manage your the six critical areas of your business to reduce the overwhelm.

This digital planner was created for solo founders who are managing thriving startups. The goal of the planner is to list your yearly task & reminders, track your quarterly metrics and organize your week, not only for you but what you’re delegatng & need to follow up on.

What’s Inside:

  • Notes Sheets
  • 4 Quarterly Goal Pages
  • 52 Weekly Planning Pages
  • Revenue Activity Checklist
  • Task list for Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service & Management Teams
  • Founder Task list to keep you accountable on things you may be forgetting about!