[title align=”left” type=”line”]ON DEMAND TECH SUPPORT[/title]

Don’t waste your valuable time or stress yourself on technical trouble that could be preventing you from moving your business forward. Technology is overwhelming and exasperating and to make matters worse, changes every 6 months.

As a technology-to-English translator, I specialize in handling all of these changing challenging bits for you. Keeping up with those changes is my passion. 

I understand you may not need the demand for full support but just help getting over your hurdle.

Here’s how I can help

  • email list design and set up (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Constant Contact)
  • setting up small e-commerce sites (Paypal, e-Junkie, WooCommerce, 1ShoppingCart)
  • connecting or embedding payment gateways to your e-commerce sites
  • installing and setting up WordPress plugins
  • Domain Name Server & web hosting support
  • content formatting (i.e. you added that email opt-in form and now the whole page is screwy and you can’t figure out why!)
  • integrating your e-commerce system and your email list
  • WordPress platform and theme issues
  • set up email systems (Outlook, G Suite, Zoho or GoDaddy)
  • email optin & autoresponder setup
  • social media account setup
  • SSL Certificate Setup
  • most other tech things that seem foreign, baffling & stressful – don’t hesitate to ask!

How to Get Started 

  1. Pay Tech Support Fee of $99
  2. Create A Support Ticket

All request will have a 24 hour completion time unless otherwise stated. A 100% refund if I can’t fix it or do it.


Your Technical Support Lead

Sydney Lorraine is a Technical Business Strategist, serial entrepreneur and developer who helps non-technical individuals start, build and grow their online or mobile businesses to run efficiently on a start up budget. Sydney is firm on starting your business lean, that means focusing on reducing waste and operating efficiently.

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