V I P Day

Are you a non-tech founder with a software/platform as a service idea? This is where you start!

Launching a software or platform as a service (SaaS/PaaS) is expensive and hard work especially if you’re a non-tech founder. VIP Days are tailored specifically to your tech idea and roadblocks. The goal is to get you a detailed plan to start your company, gain equity free funding while generating revenue.

Here’s what we will complete during your VIP Day;

For The Founder

  • Product Roadmap for 6 months*
  • Competitive Analysis*
  • Bootstrap SaaS/PaaS Plan
  • 2 Profit Driven Business Model Options*
  • Tech Stack Recommendation for Operations
  • Lunch

For Funding

  • Pitch Deck Outline to Securing Funding*
  • List of Funding Resources based on your location & industry*

For Developers

  • Wireframe of Idea
  • Saas/PaaS Requirements List
  • Questions for Developer Interviews

 *created based on your intake form & delivered to you prior to your VIP Day


Is a VIP Day the right choice for me?

VIP Days are best fit for founders who are 100% committed to launching a software or platform as a service.

If you aren’t sure if your idea is classified as a SaaS or PaaS, here’s a defintion to help;

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.

Examples: Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office Suite

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

Examples: Canva, Calendly or Teachable

You may have read those definitions and said “WHOA!” There’s a lot of backend infrasture to figure out when building a tech product. No worries, that what we will cover in your VIP Day. 

You NEED a VIP Day if you meet 1 of the following;

Green check mark 3 icon - Free green check mark iconsDo not have a Technical Co-Founder

Green check mark 3 icon - Free green check mark iconsHave never hired a developer

Green check mark 3 icon - Free green check mark iconsNeed tech specifications to get developer quotes

Green check mark 3 icon - Free green check mark iconsHave no funding to build and sustain your tech

Green check mark 3 icon - Free green check mark iconsNot sure how the idea will make millions


You DO NOT a VIP Day if you meet 1 of the following;

File:Red x.svg - WikipediaLack clarity on who you want to serve

File:Red x.svg - WikipediaNot willing to start lean

File:Red x.svg - WikipediaDon’t have at least $1,500 a month to invest

File:Red x.svg - WikipediaCan’t be decisive or make commitments

File:Red x.svg - WikipediaAren’t open to creative input to your idea


How will I apply what I learned after my VIP Day?

After a VIP Day it can feel overwhelming after receiving so much information so it’s understandable not knowing where to start. After your VIP Day you will be provided Sydney’s custom tailored planner for founders who need to manage the their metrics and task in the principle areas of their business while focusing on revenue generating activities.

You will be provided a quick online tutorial on how to leverage this planner based on your VIP Day.

Specifically, here how you will apply each outcome from your VIP Day;

Product Roadmap for 6 months

You have a milestone plan to ensure you and your developers are moving in the right direction. The check points in the roadmap will prompt you with metrics to check for and what they mean, when to get user feedback with a guide on questions and how to extend your roadmap.

Competitive Analysis*

I will provide you a Strategy Canvas that uses Blue Ocean Strategy to evaluate your competition and make you stand out. You will apply this information to communicate your value in pitches and marketing.

Bootstrap SaaS/PaaS Plan

You likely don’t have $100,000 to invest in custom development, even if you did, I would NOT recommend investing much in your first product because you will PIVOT, a lot. Your bootstrap plan will outline how you will build your SaaS/PaaS using minimal and low cost resources not to exceed $1,500 month spend.

2 Profit Driven Business Model Options*

You will be provided 2 lean business model canvases around your value and audience. You commit sticking to the model for 6 months before making a PIVOT. You will have structure in which you should operate your business.

Tech Stack Recommendation for Operations

You will need product development, marketing, sales, customer service, operations and other processes and each will need to be facilitated by software platforms used for automation, collaboration and analytics/insights. We will tell you exactly what you need to use and how you will use it for your specific business model.

Pitch Deck Outline to Securing Funding*

There’s tons of opportunities for you to secure equity free funding. We are going to give you a few deck templates to plug in your business model to pitch at competitions or send in for grant applications. The decks are NOT templates found on the web, these decks have been used to secure over $3M in funding for SaaS/PaaS startups.

List of Funding Resources based on your location & industry*

There’s likely programs that will assist with funding and business resources such as legal or marketing right in your area or in your industry. We will do all the research and give you a list to begin reaching out and networking.

Wireframe of Idea

It is going to be hard to articulate an idea to developers without something for them to see. Without a wireframe or prototype you risk miscommunication of requirements, vision and additional fees because of rework or scope creep. Bring your idea to the table with developers so they know exactly what you expect them to do. We will create the first version of your tech via wireframes together in a day.

SaaS/PaaS Requirements List

When building tech you will need requirements within every facet of your product, for example: sign up page, what exactly needs to happen on that page? During the VIP Day we will detail the requirements for each page, button and screen so developers can give you an accurate quote and be clear on the expectations for your techs performance.

Questions for Developer Interviews

You’ve likely never worked with a developer before so it’s natural to not know what to ask. Once we have worked together on your idea, we can form very specific questions to help you qualify developers who’d be perfect for your project. This helps build confidence that your developers are competent and legit.

 *created based on your intake form & delivered to you prior to your VIP Day

Why work with Sydney over other coaches & consultants?

Investing in a VIP Day with me, Sydney Lorraine, you are avoiding the 5 year rollercoaster figuring out how to get launched and get sales. I have been where you are and struggled but I have invested over $50,000 in coaching and programs including hiring prominent B2B and B2C SaaS coaches. The resources and tools were great and instrumental for me however these programs and coaches were white men who launched from investments they received or drawing on their 401K. I was not privileged to have such a start like other minority founders. Speaking of being a minority founder, IT IS HARD getting enterprise and B2B sales than white men. Considering the usual bias the industry (and the world) has against black or latinx women, I had to make a few things work for me specifically. I want to help you achieve and exceed my results of;

🎉 Party Popper EmojiLess than $1,500/mo Overhead Cost

🎉 Party Popper Emoji12 month $0 Customer Acquisition Cost

🎉 Party Popper EmojiNever lose a pitch competition

🎉 Party Popper Emoji$6-10k Monthly Reoccurring Sales

🎉 Party Popper EmojiRaise $250-$3M in fundraising

🎉 Party Popper EmojiAuthority in your industry

What’s the investment?

Rates current as of October 1, 2021

$4,000 with 50% non-refundable deposit.

Deposit is non-refundable as we provide up to 50% of the deliverables prior to the VIP Day.

Remaining Investment is due 72 hours before the scheduled VIP Day.

If you need to reschedule you may do so once without an additional fee. Any additional reschedules will have a $150 charge to the balance.

It is required to complete the intake form 2 weeks prior to your VIP Day. If it is not, your VIP Day will be rescheduled to the next availability. If you fail to complete the form 14 days prior to your rescheduled date, your VIP Day will be canceled and you will receive a partial refund of half the deposit amount.

Please note; rate will increase January 1, 2022.

What’s happens at the VIP Day?

VIP Days are 6-7 Hours with a 30 minute complimentary lunch and (2) 15 minute breaks. We usually meet in person (additional fee) in the clients city at a comfortable private meeting room. If client elects to meet virtually we will have a recorded meeting room via Zoom. When working virtually we do encourage more frequent breaks and independent yet guided working sessions to keep momentum and focus. You will be provided an agenda for the day on what we will cover and how much time we will designate to each deliverable.